day 6/7; Aurangabad; i love kare-bots


So, just before I came to India, my school robotics team, asked me if I could bring some Kare-bots with me and give them out. So far, I have given out 3 of the 4 I got. They are actually a wonderful excuse to talk to some of the people, and especially the kids I gave one to. I gave them out with a little card with the website of our team, and a small description. It has been a very rewarding experience.

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  1. Too bad you couldn’t take your knitting needles and wool with you, Katy. Looks like lots more kare-bots need to be given out!! I love the pictures of you with all the children. Hoping your Dad is back with you and having a chance to enjoy some beach time in Goa.

    love and hugs from yer aunty beccyxo

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